Friday, August 01, 2014

Our modern lifestyle has a profound effect on our worldview. Everything from our moral decisions to the idea of truth is affected by what we read, what we watch and how we feel about today's issues. Come with us to explore some of the more important discussions happening around the water cooler.

Contents of Society and Culture

  • Are Current Events Prophetic?
    More and more we're hearing that the war on terrorism could be the beginning of the book of Revelation. Is this Biblical? Should you read your newspaper in one hand and your Bible in the other? Read our answer in this article.
  • The Christian Position on War
    Is the US justified in declaring war on Osama bin Laden, and what is the Christian response to a call for war? Are we to be pacifists? Find out the answers from our new article "The Christian Position on War".
  • A Question on Relationships
    A reader writes and asks, "How do you keep Christ at the center of a relationship? I have asked many people, but none of them know." At this time of New Year's resolutions, see our advice on this very important question! Read the article here.
  • Must Marriage be Legal to be Blessed by God?
    What does God require to recognize a true marriage? Does the Bible say anywhere that an "official" ceremony is required? What if two people just pledge their love to each other? Read on as Lenny looks at marriage in a Biblical way that might lead to some surprise answers.
  • Are Christian Holidays Pagan in Origin?
    Many of the Christian holidays seem to parallel earlier pagan festivals. What's more, many of the symbols used in some celebrations like Easter seem to be pagan as well. Are Christian holidays corrupt? How should a good Christian treat them?
  • Answering Kids' Apologetics Questions
    Dealing with complicated apologetics issues are difficult enough, but how do you go about explaning things like the problem of evil to kids? Should we even teach kids apologetics? See what Lenny recommends.
  • Religious Symbols and Christian Liberty
    The Bible teaches that Christians have great liberty in their faith, but does this mean we can do anything we want with impunity? What about art works and statues that symbolize other faiths? Should Christians display them? Learn more about what it means to be truly free in Christ in this article.
  • Does the Bible Approve of Slavery?
    In the book of Leviticus, God gives the Nation of Israel specific laws on how to treat and care for slaves. Does this mean the Bible condones slavery? Why didn't God prohibit slavery if it's such an abhorrant practice? Is this a contradiction? Read on to find out.
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